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Meet Shanali

Blushed by Five was created by our founder, Shanali Jarvis, out of a need to build some peace and tranquility in her own hectic lifestyle.


Often overwhelmed with the constant pressures and expectations as a woman, Shanali felt the need to continuously juggle work and family life, which started to take a toll on her own mental health.


Finding comfort in the healing power of crystals and their emotion-balancing energy to keep her feeling uplifted and protected, she looked for different ways to harness them in her daily rituals. 


With an extensive background and hands-on experience in the beauty industry, Shanali curated an unique beauty tool using natural crystal; a daily wellness tool to help women reconnect with themselves, hopefully helping them to gain the confidence to look and feel great in their own skin, whilst giving intimate support in their times of need. 

At Blushed by Five, we believe that regular self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. It is a daily reminder that you are important; that you, too, are allowed to take the time to recharge and reduce the physical and mental impact that stress can have on your life – and your skin.

“Taking time out for yourself doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish, or not doing enough. We all need that moment – to still our busy mind; to allow ourselves to nurture our minds and freely connect to who we truly are, without judgement or feelings of shame and guilt. Only then will we be able to blossom into happier and more beautiful versions of ourselves."


Shanali Jarvis, Founder


In the search for a more balanced and calm existence, Shanali also drew more and more upon her Buddhist heritage and mindful meditation practices, refined over the years. 


Mindful meditation encourages you to experience the world in the ‘here and now’, and weaken unhelpful thoughts and responses; freeing your mind from negative sentiments and enhancing your mental well-being in the most positive way. 


By using Blushed by Five’s unique beauty and wellness tool, you are guided through a daily facial movement routine that not only gives you plump, vibrant skin, but in turn, helps you focus on the present. Thus, supporting a stronger, more empowered mind-frame. 


We want you to be able to feel uplifted and have the belief that ‘You’ve got this’, every single time you pick up and feel the loving, healing vibrations which resonates from our crystal. 


It is Blushed by Five’s mission to help break the stigma surrounding mental health, especially amongst women.  We want to build a community and a safe space which promotes self-love and confidence, and – above all – help to make it OK for women to feel HAPPY in themselves and who they are! 


We hope you will join us. X




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