Four Ways To Use Crystals In Your Beauty Routine

Updated: Apr 18

Written by Shanali Jarvis

Crystals have been around for centuries, and more recently, they have made their way into our morning and evening beauty rituals as well.

Incorporating crystals into our beauty routine not only feels like an indulgent spa treatment, but they also provide energetic effects that take our wellness and skincare up a notch.

Using crystals as part of our daily and weekly beauty rituals, as well as for healing, is a truly magical and refreshing experience. At Blushed by Five, we are here to take you through four simple and effective ways to incorporate crystals into your daily beauty routine. If you’re new to using crystals in this way, don’t just take my word for it! Try it out for yourself with one or more of our healing methods below:

1. Make Crystal-Infused Facial Beauty Water

Start by choosing a crystal safe enough to place in water. Some crystals we love to use for making our own beauty water include quartz (clear, rose or smokey) or aquamarine for beauty. They are also known not to release any harmful metals into the water.

Cleanse your crystal in a bowl full of warm, filtered water to remove any loose particles or dirty residue. Either set the crystal in the bowl aside in direct sunlight for the whole day, to allow it to become charged from absorbing the sun’s energy, or overnight by the window to be charged by moonlight. Then simply splash your face with the now crystal-infused beauty water, whilst repeating some self-love affirmations, such as “I am worthy of love and joy”, and, I release my negative thoughts, embracing positivity and optimism”, or something that you feel comfortable using and speaks to your own being or self-love.

2. Give Yourself A Gua Sha Facial Massage

Among many benefits, gua sha can help give you a lovely, healthy facial glow, encourage lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and reduce muscular tension. A unique crystal rose quartz gua sha facial tool, such as our LUMA ROSE Facial Sculpting + Wellness Tool, boasts smooth, curved edges for a deep, relaxing massage and adds a touch of cleansing and loving energy to your self-care and beauty routines; perfect for giving yourself a mini-facial at home!

When using a gua sha beauty tool, always prep the skin first with a facial oil, serum, or moisturiser. Ensuring that you work upwards from the neck to your facial area, and making sure you complete one side of the face and neck before going to the other, this helps provide a clearer path for lymphatic drainage. Upward, outward movements works to de-puff, relax and naturally contour the face. After completing your at-home facial massage, close your eyes, take a moment to be mindful and breathe-inwards deeply; let go of that breath in a slow, controlled motion, and feel any tension just float away from your neck, and shoulders. Let it be replaced by the incoming feelings of lightness and relief.

NB: For a fully guided routine and ensuring that inside-out GLOW, make sure to follow the steps in your LUMA ROSE™ guide to maximise the benefits.

3. Create A Healing Crystal Beauty Grid

Place your healing crystals on the areas of your face where you need to relieve tension. The crystals work to stimulate the meridian points on the face - these are energy lines that connect our internal systems. The meridian points are energised when the beauty crystals touch them, and this can encourage clarity and purification, as well as emotional healing.

It also works to connect these points on the face to the energy of the earth, which really is good at grounding and something we may not naturally get enough of.

You can lay with these stones on your face from between 10 minutes to one hour, depending on how you feel, so why not inject some positivity through your facials by swapping your traditional face mask for a crystal healing grid once a week!

4. Charge Your Beauty And Skincare Products

Energise your cleansers, serums, facial oils and moisturisers by placing them on a larger, flatter crystal plate. Recognise your intention and choose your crystal plate accordingly. A fluorite plate, for example, will infuse your products with peace, or a rose quartz plate will encourage more love to be brought into your self-care routine.

By placing your skincare products on these larger crystals, this allows the crystal’s energy to charge them up so they are even more powerful when you come to use them.

We hope that you will be inspired to incorporate at least one of these beautiful rituals as a part of your daily or weekly beauty routine.

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